Our products range from:-

  • Planned areas to a required standard focusing on client’s needs and that can cater for requirements of time
  • Survey plans that can be used to acquire title deeds, they show the boundaries of the areas
  • Graded roads in all areas that are planned and surveyed. This is at the level of earth road. Maintenance of which is done by a respective local authority.

However, the end products are plots of different sizes and uses. They range from high, medium and low density plots. The use of plots include residential plots, commercial plots, commercial/residential, shopping malls, social centres, orphanage centres, banks, etc. We plan also institutional plots like schools, public buildings, universities, hotels, recreational grounds(play grounds, stadia, golf courses, athletic grounds, etc). In the near future, the company expects to be providing services in planned areas before selling of plots. The services will be electricity and water supply. Also we will be constructing rental houses that are low cost in nature for the needy