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Welcome to Ardhi Plan Ltd

ARDHI PLAN LIMITED is a Tanzania consultancy company of Urban and Rural Planners, Economist, Rural Specialist, Sociologists, Rural Development experts and environmental resources managers. The company is purely Tanzanian, all the directors are Tanzanian.

Our Vision

Within Ardhi Plans' Human Settlement Development core work area, a number of strategic objectives provide the framework and guidance necessary to facilitate successful consultancy services: To be a leader in the providing of consultancy services in human settlement and associated issues.

Our Objectives

  • To research, develop and incorporate modern methods of human settlement development, environmental assessment and analysis, strategic planning and technical design into all aspects of project development and implementation.
  • To foster through trust and confidence mutually-beneficial partnership with institutions, both public and private, for purpose of furthering settlement development, environmental protection and conservation and socio-economic development.
  • To be a reference centre for the promotion and sharing human settlement development materials and information.